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Please book at:  – whatsApp + 66 89 212 1782



Online classes this week will help raise our awareness of ‘grounding’.. and our capacity to be here and NOW and feeling steady in this time of great change and unknown. Hope to see you online. All welcome 🌏 🌿

Kundalini Yoga by Donation
May 25 to 31, 2020    90 min public classes

TUES  May 26 @ 11.30 am to 1 pm
TUES  May 26 @ 6.30 to 8 pm
THURS  May 28 @ 10.30 am to Noon
THURS  May 28 @ 6.30 to 8 pm
SAT  May 30 @ Noon

This week our attention online shifts back to the heart center.. the human heart in all it’s wonder and potential for healing and how we can work with our natural immune system. It begins with one conscious breath.
Join us online for an experience to inspire more promoting habits and more awareness – it’s the things we do day to day that create a healthy happy life with more balance. AND when we gather together.. energy builds.. to support us as individuals, and to support us as community.. individual and group consciousness work hand in hand. We really are in this together.. aren’t we?
I was resistant to serve in this way online before this new friend COVID showed up. Today I see new people supported online and those more familiar able to have a new experience at a convenient location ‘home’ – a different experience that is also uplifting and supportive. Like any new experience, there can be some initial resistance.. that negative MIND ;-). Some thoughtful details when getting set up to do online classes will help alot.. good quality speakers or headset if available, set camera on the horizon (heart or eye height), have light facing you rather than behind you, and sit so your instructor can see you. You are encouraged to keep your camera on if possible so your instructor can guide you, and this gives your peers a sense of your presence – as best we can.

This week’s classes continue to be by donation – please know all contributions are appreciated and help support the teachings, and those in need during these changing times. A donation is an opportunity to expand our experience of giving and receiving and can take many forms, and can be any amount, large or small. Give as you feel comfortable.

We hope to see you online soon 😉

CONTACT: +49 176 79232086


The below classes to be resumed when the ‘at home’ situation changes.

Classes with Satya Kaur every Sunday 9:00-10:30am- starting Feb at Lotus-Reike & Yoga

Wed. 6-7:30pm at Lotus-Reike & Yoga off Silom Soi 1 (pls call for Sunday & Wed booking)         089 212 1782 

Note: class on zoom see below: contact book at:

every Tues Kundalini Yoga classes with Dawn – Anoop,   

Tues 6-7:15 pm – 7:30-8:15 gong bath

Lotus Reiki & Yoga (see map above)

Kundalini Yoga classes with Raj every Monday at 18:45! 
Sky Yoga Bangkok, 43 B Oak Tower, Presedent Park, Soi 24 Sukhumvit    phone or What’sApp for directions 081  626 7555
Classes with Ajeet Nam Kaur (Melanie)  Click on this link for schedule:

Classes with Sunderta see schedule below







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