Who is Yogi Bhajan?

Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji (1929 – 2004) was born in what is now Pakistan and came to North America in the late sixties. He was soon known as Yogi Bhajan. He recognized a genuine quest in the youth of the sixties and seventies who were trying to find liberation in drugs and alternative ways of living. He chose to introduce them to Kundalini Yoga as a much better path to attain a greater sense of awareness.

An enlightened being, and beloved teacher, Yogi Bhajan began to practice yoga at the age of 8, and was most inspired by his teacher Sant Hazara Singh. Yogi Bhajan was proclaimed the Master of Kundalini Yoga at the age of 16, and in 1971 after his arrival in North America, he became the Mahan Tantric (Master of White Tantric Yoga).

“Happiness is your birthright!”
~ Yogi Bhajan in 1969 when 3HO was founded

The non-profit foundation Yogi Bhajan founded – 3HO (Happy, Holy and Healthy) is very active in spreading his teachings and a way of life based on kindness and compassion, with over 300 centers in 35 countries. The movement he initiated is now thriving all over the world.

see www.3ho.org

His motto “If you can’t see God in all, you can’t see God at all” animates his students who want to share the techniques he passed on to them so that more people find meaning in their lives and a true sense of purpose.

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